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4L: The Class Never Taught In Law School 

Congratulations- you just graduated from law school and have a pretty diploma to hang on your wall. 

Guess what- you do not know that much. 

You may know how to analyze an issue, but that is not the practice of law. The practice of law includes the analysis of the players, finances, risks, rewards, billing and most importantly, understanding clients. 

This book will teach you how to really be a lawyer, not just one on paper. 


Nobody ever took the time to teach the prior generations of lawyers how to practice so our first few years are wasted learning the ropes along the way. You now have the opportunity to avoid this problem. 


I have been practicing for 20 plus years and know how to practice, and I do it well. Many others are smarter, and probably most others, but being the smartest does not equate to being the best practitioner for your clients. The best practitioners are the ones who understand the issues above and most importantly the goals and thought processes of your clients. Read this book and fast track your practice from information and experiences from an aggressive practicing attorney with thousands of clients, each creating a personal experience of which you can now benefit.  


After you learn how to practice, I will also teach you how to generate business, so you are not working for someone else for the rest of your life. 


Understand, anyone can practice law. Few can practice law very well. A limited few can practice law well and create a book of business so they are an asset for themselves and their firms. 

I have compiled every tip imaginable based on my prior experiences on how I have built my book of business. 


It all starts with a better understanding of the client accompanied with a consistent approach to be a good person, and the results, positive outcome and a healthier more enjoyable life and practice will follow. 

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Dear Real Estate Agent, 
There Are Answers

No one can imagine what it is truly like to be a real estate agent until they have been in the trenches. But you know what it’s like – it’s tough. Darn tough! And what’s worse, it can be extremely difficult getting answers you need, when you need them.

Learn directly from a real estate attorney, real estate broker, mortgage broker, home inspector, insurance broker, and business attorney as they share what they expect every agent to know.

This is the “one shop stop” book of answers!

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