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Managing cases, managing clients

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

It was Friday night around 8:00pm. I was at a soccer field waiting for my kids to finish. I received a phone call from a potential client, who indicated that they wanted to cancel their contract and could I “find a way out”? I asked the reason and they indicated they did not like the sellers as they had been terrible to work with.

I explained our legal process, running conflicts and sending me the documents. I gave an estimated quote, but then suggested to the client that before they do anything, they review the contract to confirm that the seller does not have to live with them after the closing, because the deal was about the purchase of the property and not the other party.

The clients appreciated the advice, retained me to continue representing them, and ended up closing on the transaction.

We can control these deals. When people get emotional, they make rash decisions that sometimes are not in their best interests. It is up to us as lawyers to control them, to ensure that when they make a decision, it is not based on emotions or a spur of the minute choice, but rather a thoughtful analysis.

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